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Casino Point Diving

On Nov. 17th Dennis, Gary, and I took the Catalina Express out to Casino Point for a day of diving.  We couldn't have asked for a better ride over as the boat was half full with limited to no swell.  We were all quite surprised due to the light rain we had the previous day and the drizzle we were experiencing the day of.

Though we had overcast skys for the majority of the day and some light wind to make our surface intervals a bit chilly, the diving was great.  We didn't expect anything less as diving the park always provides excellent results.  We had a high tide for 2 of our 3 dives which made entry and exit from the stairs nice and easy since the water was up to the 3rd step.  The 3rd exit was a bit challenging as the tide went down below the last step.  We had to time the slight swell to push us up.  I felt like the dolphins as Sea World that slide onto the swim platform for their daily shows.  Though not as graceful as Sea World's performers we did manage to make our way out.

The viz was a respectable 30 feet and the water temperatures in the high 50's.  We saw a great deal of sea life from Oscar the hughe sheep head to kelp bass, rock fish, lobsters, eels, and sea fans. The park always delivers on excellent diving and I can't wait to go back!

Club Picnic

On August 4th the club headed out to Picnic Beach/Hiesler Park for a morning of diving and a picnic.  It turns out that Southern California had the same idea.  As I pulled up to the parking meter at 6:05 a.m. all the tables and grills were all ready taken!  Needless to say we were all surprised! 

Club members JD, Nick, Patrica, Dennis, Bryan, and I came out to participate.  Dennis brought the group coffee and pastries to start the day.  After the dive the group decided to skip the burgers and dawgs, due to lack of grills, for snacking on melon, and chips and salsa.

The diving was good according to JD, Nick, Patricia, and Bryan.  The waves were minimal with the occasional set waves with visibility of 10 - 15 feet.  The water temperature was in the high 50's with in some spots hitting 60.  A large bat ray was spotted along with several large Sheephead and friendly kelp bass.  Unfortunately, the sea did claim one of JD's fins upon his exit from the water. 

Underwater Challenge Course

Today was our first attempt to construct an underwater challenge course to test our diving skills.  The concept was to work in the sandy area of Shaw's Cove in approximately 25-30 ft of water.  A 90 feet measuring tape was to be laid out parallel to the beach with three hula hoops placed 15 feet apart.  At each end a float would be placed as reference.

The initial concept was to swim to the float and drop down the line to the start of the measuring tape. The divers would make 3 passes on the tape.  On the first pass the diver would have to navigate through each hoop and when they reached the end of the tape conduct a mask removal.  Then on the second pass the divers were perform a buddy breath down the length of the tape.  For the third pass the diver would navigate through the hula hoops again and when finished swim towards the beach.  On the way back to the beach the divers were to perform a search and recovery of a gamebag filled with ping pong balls.  The ping pong balls would represent a ticket for a prize raffle.

It turns out the true challenge of the underwater course were the dive conditions and laying out the course.  The surf was 2-3 feet, with viz in the 5 foot range.  There was a nice 2-3 foot surge at 25 feet which made it difficult to layout out the tape.  I burned through 1000 psi just trying to work with the float, attached the measuring tape and start to reel it out before being wrapped in the float string line.  Based on these difficulties I decided it was best to cancel the course and try it again at a later date when conditions would be better.

We did have four people end up making their way down to the beach.  They were Gary Pike, JD Cook, Nick Cook, Tim Crabill, and myself.  We decided to just dive the reef at Shaw's.  The Viz did get a bit better at 45 feet but only to about 8-10 feet max.  We did see some rays, large sand barred bass, masking crabs, and a school of black smiths.

Though we didn't perform the challenge course prize were still awarded to the people that committed to coming out and participating.  Each person had their turn pulling a gift card from a hat (aka weight bag).  Gary picked a $30 gift card to itunes.  JD picked a $25 gift card to Applebees. Nick and Tim both picked individual gift cards for $15 to itunes.

Author: Shannon

Little Corona Club Dive 2/4/12

The club headed out to Little Corona Del Mar for the first club dive of the year.  It was a tremendous success with twelve people in attendance.  Dennis was gracious enough to bring us coffee and donuts.

It was a beautiful day with temperature in the high 60's with clear skies that enabled us to see Catalina.  The water temperature was a nice 59 degrees with surf heights of 0-1 feet and visibility of 15 feet. 

With fins to the left, fins to the right, and you're the only bait in town! Oh wait a minute wrong type of fins!  It did feel like a dive trip right here in California with a diver in sight everywhere I looked.  The diving was great though with kelp, no surge, a lot of life including lobsters, octopus, abalone, kelp bass, sand bar bass, crabs, etc.

Woods Cove Dive

Today we had an excellent turnout for the monthly Sea Ventures Club Dive.  Members in attendance were Michael, Gary, Bryan, Patricia, and we had potential new members Angie and Ron join us today as well.  The diving was at Woods Cove and viz was easily 10-15 feet.  There was minimal surf with some slight surge, with the water temperature at 59 degrees.  This is becoming one of my new favorite dive spots as there is numerous sealife.  The highlights of the dive were seeing an octopus, lobsters, nudibranch, and a school of Sargo at least 50 strong.  After the dive Patricia was kind enough to bring us coffee, hot chocolate, and lemon cake.  This was a nice way to end the day of diving.


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